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"We started this program in February 2017 and moved into our house in October, our scores were in the 500's and now they are in the 600's. Renting from a bad slumlord and becoming a homeowner has changed our lives, Thank you for everything!"  Laura N. from Sanford, NC

"They are the best, cleaned my credit up and got me approved for a FHA loan for 130k in less than 6 months" Carol M. from Metairie, LA 

"The program took a month longer than they said but you know what I was in a world of a mess when I started, so what's another month? They never gave up and now im not paying rent. I closed on my house in January and owe it all to you guys!" Arnold T. from Sarasota, FL.

"My credit sucked when I started and I was so tired of renting, within 3 months they got me loan ready and over to a lender that approved me for a FHA loan. You guys rockkk" Patrick T. from Rossville, GA.

"They work hard and do what they say" Angela S. from Pipestone, MN. 

"I worked with them and as the program was not perfect, it fixed my credit and got me approved for a loan. My credit had collections and a repo from when I was divorced. They worked very hard. I would recommend them" Tim S. from Conway, SC.

"Great company, great people. All the thanks to your team" Suzie B. from Hiawatha, KS.

"We got approved for over 150k FHA loan last summer and closed on our house in August, THANK YOU!!!" Samantha Q. from El Paso, TX.


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